TETRA is the leading choice for mission critical communications delivering secure, high quality voice and data communications over large areas. This requires the ability to deliver TETRA services into remote and isolated areas as well as quickly providing mobile services where terrestrial infrastructure is damaged or unavailable. Satellite becomes the ideal backhaul solution in these circumstances.

Key Benefits

  • Single Carrier Per Channel (SCPC) VSAT system

    Single Carrier Per Channel (SCPC) VSAT system delivering  the necessary bandwidth, resilience and security to handle mission critical communications.

  • Highly robust VSAT installation

    Highly robust VSAT installation – with independent power supply – for continuous low maintenance operation.

  • Vehicle mounted installations

    Vehicle mounted installations that can be deployed anywhere in a matter of hours.

  • Rapid deploy mobile units

    Mobile units that can be installed and deployed in less than 15 minutes for emergencies and disaster recovery.

  • Stringent SLAs

    All installations backed by stringent SLAs to ensure critical communications when and where needed.

TETRA backhaul diagram

TETRA Via Satellite

Satellite provides an effective solution for remote TETRA implementation because of the speed and ease of installation of far-end equipment. By implementing a Single Carrier Per Channel (SCPC) VSAT system, organisations can quickly deploy a technology that has the necessary bandwidth, resilience and security to handle mission critical communications. In addition to its backhaul and rapid deploy capabilities, it provides a terrestrial-independent redundant path as a fail-safe against cellular failure.

Rapid Deploy TETRA

The other area where satellite technology can help optimise TETRA networks is in the delivery of mobile VSAT units at short notice to ensure continuous operations where services have been disrupted or brought down by natural disaster or emergency. Mobile units can reach the affected area and connection established within minutes ensure that efficient and secure communications is established.

Mobile and vehicle-mounted units deployed and operational in under 15 minutes
Datasat provides satellite backhaul services for the Airwave TETRA network

Extending The Reach of The Airwave Network

Datasat Communications delivers remote satellite backhaul and rapid deploy services to the Airwave network in the UK.


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