A leader in VSAT network integration, Datasat Communications has a great deal of experience in providing terrestrial voice, data and converged IP services. The company designs and delivers end-to-end global network infrastructure that deliver the optimum communications systems - based on satellite, wireless and fibre technologies - for every business requirement. Customers receive a complete communications solution efficiently and economically from a single supplier.

Key Benefits

  • One stop communications service provider

    One stop solution for the network design, implementation and support of communications networks from single site implementations to complete global connectivity.

  • Integrated end-to-end networks

    Networks based on the correct mix of communications technologies to meet business needs and budgets.

  • Intelligent Layer 3 management

    Intelligent Layer 3 management enables multiple network services to operate seamlessly and securely over a single communications infrastructure.

  • Outstanding network quality

    All remote sites surveyed by qualified and trained Datasat engineers to ensure that quality is built into all aspects of network design and installation.

  • Global connectivity from a single supplier

    Datasat partner network ensures customers have global connectivity from a single supplier with a single contract and pricing structure.

End-to-end networking diagram

First Mile, Last Mile, Global

Today, there are few regions left where there are no terrestrial options for last mile connectivity. Where last mile terrestrial connectivity is absent, a VSAT system is still a cost-effective and flexible solution for edge connectivity. Often in remote locations, wireless provides effective on-site connectivity with satellite providing backhaul capabilities. More and more, organisations are deploying wireless systems or terrestrial circuits at each end with a satellite system to fill the 'middle mile' gap. Datasat creates the optimum network infrastructure to meet business requirements and address the challenge of effectively connecting hard to reach places.

Key Capabilities

•  Terrestrial integration with VSAT and wireless networks.
•  Wireless equipment optimised for rich media network traffic.
•  Multiple services – voice, business applications, surveillance, etc – operate seamless over a single global infrastructure.
•  HTS, Cu and Ka band satellite capabilities.
•  E1/T1, E3/T3, MPLS and STM1 capabilities.
•  Connectivity to worldwide PSTN and other national and international carriers.
•  Reliability and Quality of Service guaranteed by SLA.
•  Centrally managed from the Datasat UK Teleports.

Integrated VSAT and wireless network in the US
End-to-end communications services from Datasat

An End-to-End Service

Datasat offers a complete range of services - network design, network build, network management and network maintenance - to ensure customers benefit from dealing with a single supplier for their communications needs. The company has over 25 years of experience creating effective connectivity solutions ranging from small remote sites to global VSAT networks. Organisations benefit from a single contract with single SLA and single pricing structure - and only one contact if issues arise.


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