A leader in VSAT satellite communications, Datasat Communications delivers experience in successfully deploying and integrating all the key communications technologies - VSAT satellite, intelligent outdoor wireless, radio, fibre - our customers require. Working with partners Datasat provides effective remote communications networks anywhere in the world.

VSAT dish at dawn in the African dawn

Satellite Communications

In hard to reach places, Datasat is the trusted VSAT satellite services provider that offers the network build and integration services to deliver high quality, low cost secure connectivity.

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Intelligent Wireless

With innovative and intelligent wireless systems exclusively designed by Datasat, the company creates high performance, high security networks that requires fewer devices to achieve greater coverage and throughput.


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Intelligent wireless networks for remote mine sites
IP-based CCTV vixdeo surveillance network

End-to-End Networking

Datasat designs and builds networks that deploy the correct combination of communications – satellite, wireless and fibre - technologies to precisely meet business requirements.


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TETRA Backhaul

Datasat Communications delivers satellite backhaul and rapid deploy services for TETRA & Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) networks. The company has worked with TETRA communications for nearly 20 years.


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Rapid deploy TETRA backhaul unit