Core to the Datasat Communications service is our solely-owned Network Operations Centre (NOC). Located in the UK, qualified engineers employ exclusively developed Network Management and Monitoring Systems to deliver effective network management services for all our customer networks.

Network management services from Datasat

Key Capabilities

•  Remote diagnostics.

•  Network traffic monitoring and analysis.

•  Alarm monitoring and analysis.

•  Error logging

•  Remote network configuration and updating.

•  WAN and LAN monitoring.

•  Direct customer connection to Datasat NOC.

Key Benefits

  • Remote network management

    All aspects of network remotely managed from UK-based NOC.

  • Highly qualified engineers

    NOC staffed by engineers with personal hands-on experience of the networks they are managing.

  • Flexible network management packages

    Flexible management packages from ad hoc to fully managed.

  • Cloud-based network monitoring

    Customers provided with Cloud-based access to meet their monitoring requirements.

Meeting Business Needs

The Datasat NOC allows central monitoring of all elements of the network – including network traffic, remote IT and transmission equipment, systems configuration and updating. It also enables the detection and reporting of potential faults early ensuring any remedial actions are taken in a timely fashion.


Contact our NOC here to discuss your requirements.

The Datasat Network Operations Centre


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