Datasat Communications has one of the most highly regarded design offices in the remote communications industry. The more precise and accurate the network design phase, the more effective the build and deploy. This begins with a thorough understanding of the physical locations to be connected as well as the voice, data and video applications the network will host.

Network design services from Datasat

Key Capabilities

•  In-depth voice and data modelling.

•  Network performance, availability and security planning.

•  Communications technology evaluation and selection.

•  Satellite coverage analysis and selection.

•  Wireless coverage analysis and selection.

•  Network modelling, analysis and design.

•  Site planning and surveying.

•  IP planning and routing.

•  Technical authoring.

Meeting Business Needs

Datasat designs networks to deliver the correct levels of performance, availability, flexibility and security – whether that be via satellite, wireless, fibre or a complete end-to-end network solution. Selecting 'best of breed' technology, Datasat create communications infrastructure with quality and reliability to maximise investment over the lifetime of the network.


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Global satellite footprint diagram


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