Datasat is currently working closely with a number of leading organisations to extend and deliver our Remote Communications solutions worldwide. The company works with complementary telecommunication providers as well as the suppliers of third party solutions in areas such mine automation and content delivery.

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Airwave supplies secure digital communication to emergency services, such as police, fire, ambulance and other public safety organisations. Specialising in mobile, wireless and fixed line communications, Airwave has been working with Datasat Communications to integrate remote communications into some of its emergency service solutions.

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EnerTribe is a Native American owned broadband communications development company and telecommunications consulting firm focused on community-wide integrated broadband planning. The company provides industry intermediary services and project management for all elements of broadband implementation including licensing certifications, network engineering design, permitting, procurement, construction and training to manage and maintain facilities and operations.


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Level 3

Level 3 provides telecommunication solutions to meet the needs of global businesses, encompassing broadband, voice, data or multimedia communications. It is one of the largest communications providers in the world. Datasat Communications is working closely with Level 3 to deliver reliable communications to the remote offices of large organisations.

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Pirmam Group

Pirmam Group is based in Kurdistan region - Iraq. Pirmam Group deploys the best technologies taking on the toughest challenges. Finding solutions in GPS tracking systems, GPS tracking softwares, VSAT links, Wi-Fi and internet, security cams and software solutions. Building towers Point-Point, WANs and Wireless communications, Fibre Optics, moving and developing the region to next generation technology. Not just imagining. Doing. Pirmam Group is real and works.

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Axis Communications

Axis offers intelligent security solutions that enable a smarter, safer world. As the global market leader in network video, Axis is driving the industry by continually launching innovative network products based on an open platform - delivering high value to its customers and carried through a global partner network. Axis has long-term relationships with partners and provides them with knowledge and ground-breaking network products in existing and new markets.

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