Mining operators are beginning to upgrade their analogue radio communications to digital. TETRA provides a cost-effective upgrade path to a greatly enhanced range of mission critical voice and data services. Datasat Communications delivers integrated TETRA networks to provide complete communications solutions in the world's remotest and most challenging environments.

The leading mission critical communications platform

TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) is the world's leading digital trunked professional mobile radio (PMR) standard. It delivers significant benefits over analogue radio including superior voice quality, improved radio frequency coverage and greater spectrum efficiency. Its ability to accommodate four channels per 25KHz carrier band and support full duplex and half duplex calling means that makes it a very powerful tool for mission critical communications within closed user groups.

In addition, TETRA introduces the benefits of IP networking for mining PMR systems. It enables the creation of distributed network that use a minimum of base stations and switches to achieve extended coverage. A mesh topology allows for compete redundancy where the network has no single point of failure and network traffic is intelligently routed should any element become temporarily unavailable.

Download our 'TETRA Networks for Mining' datasheet.
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The benefits of TETRA

A major benefit of TETRA over previous analogue systems is its extended data capabilities. It provides a platform for mission critical voice and data services that is not  currently possible with other technologies. The introduction of TETRA Extended  Data Services (TEDS) introduces an infrastructure for a range of operational, management, and health and safety data applications.

TETRA can be rapidly deployed in extremely remote environments. During the exploration and early construction phases, mobile TETRA base stations are self-assembled and operational in hours to provide mission critical voice and data wherever it is required. The excellent radio frequency coverage means that the network is established with a minimum of equipment over large geographical areas. Where the site is extremely challenging, TETRA can deliver high performance and security levels using satellite backhaul.

One stop provider for TETRA

Datasat Communications is a leading remote communications specialist working with mine operators across the globe. The company combines expertise in TETRA networking with wireless and satellite communication skills to deliver highly effective and highly secure solutions for mission critical voice and data services in challenging and hostile environments. Every network is individually designed, built and managed to the exact requirements of the mine operators to meet stringent cost and quality standards.    

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Key features

  • Remote management of assets such as drills, fuel dumps and water filtering systems
  • Equipment productivity of machinery such as surface miners, dumper trucks and excavators
  • SCADA and telemetry for effective monitoring and management of unmanned operations
  • Security and geo-fencing systems to improve safety across mining locations
  • Worker safety applications such as man-down and emergency call
  • Download TETRA datasheet

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