Datasat Communications launches remote communications solutions focused on the Oil & Gas sector

Datasat Communications, the remote communications specialists, has today announced it has launched a new range of communications solutions focused specifically on the Oil and Gas sector.

Tuesday 9th September 14

Combining managed VSAT, satellite, wireless and fibre technologies, the company's services bring highly reliable end-to-end multi-service network infrastructure to onshore and offshore drilling contractors, operators and service companies wordwide.

As demand for energy grows, oil and gas companies must access new resources in increasingly efficient ways. The environment is becoming increasingly challenging and reliable remote communications is an essential element in ensuring increased productivity and profitability of operations. Datasat's range of communications services cover all key areas within Oil and Gas including:

Land Drilling
Offshore Drilling
Maritime Services
Unmanned Drilling
Shale Gas Exploration

The company is introducing its new range of Communications services for the Oil and Gas sectors during the last two quarters of 2014.

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“Datasat Communications has built a reputation for delivering high quality, cost-effective remote communications services to the Mining industry. We are bringing this experience to the Oil and Gas sector.  Every industry sector is different with its own unique communications requirements. However, there are good number of common requirements for high performance, high availability network infrastructure in the world's hard to reach places. Datasat has more experience than most communications  service providers in combining satellite and wireless technologies to provide intelligent, high bandwidth networks that can securely handle all communications services over a single cost-effective infrastructure. This is what we are bringing to Oil and Gas companies,” said Bruce Eley, Director of Business Solutions, Datasat Communications.

About Datasat Communications

Datasat Communications has 25 years experience of creating complete remote communications solutions to meet customer needs virtually anywhere in the world. Specialising in satellite, wireless, fibre and terrestrial networks, it is an engineering-led company known for constructing and managing 'best fit' global communications networks. All network solutions from Datasat Communications are bespoke to customer requirements.