As the amount of vehicles on the world's road grows, the need for effective traffic management is essential. In many cases, traditional fixed wire networks are too costly and disruptive. Intelligent wireless networks from Datasat are robust, reliable and rapidly deployed to enable a scalable, cost-effective video backbone for traffic management systems.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid deploy wireless networks

    Wireless network quickly deployed and extended dramatically reducing the cost and traffic disruption of wired alternatives.

  • Intelligent wireless equipment

    Intelligent wireless equipment optimised for video and rich media traffic to enable the real-time transmission to central control rooms and field personnel.

  • Layer 3 architecture

    Layer 3 architecture introduces intelligent network management that reduces latency and rating issues to increase throughput. Wireless equipment capable of up to 300Mbps.

  • Scalable video surveillance networks

    Existing CCTV cameras and new IP cameras accommodated on the same wireless network to protect existing investment.

  • Self-healing intelligent wireless infrastructure

    Self-healing intelligent wireless infrastructure provides 'self-healing' capabilities while requiring less wireless equipment to cover extended areas.

  • Video Management Servers

    Range of Video Management Servers for effective recording, storage and analysis of traffic video and related data.

Intelligent traffic management over a wireless network in UAE

Advanced Traffic Management

Wireless surveillance networks from Datasat are ideally suited for traffic monitoring applications, where fibre infrastructure is unavailable or cost and time-prohibitive to install. By installing a flexible and scalable wireless solution, planning departments can monitor usage and make more effective decisions about current and future traffic needs. Not only is the network quick to deploy, it can be quickly disassembled and re-deployed as requirements change so extending the life of network equipment and lower cost of ownership.

Key Capabilities

•  Low cost and robust wireless  infrastructure optimised for video and rich media traffic.
•  Innovative 4 radio wireless equipment enables low latency throughput of 300Mbps per radio to enable real-time data transmission where required.
•  Advance QoS-based traffic management to ensure that the correct bandwidth is allocated to individual cameras or hotspots, as required.
•  Wireless network equipment operates seamlessly from -40oC to +50oC.
•  Multi-service network architecture to support traffic management  and surveillance applications on same infrastructure as other corporate network services.
•  Exclusive range of Video Management Systems for effective capture, storage and analysis.

Monitoring traffic flow in the UK
End-to-end communications services from Datasat

An End to End Service

Datasat offers a complete range of services - network design, network build, network management and network maintenance - to ensure customers benefit from dealing with a single supplier for their communications needs. The company has over 25 years of experience creating effective connectivity solutions ranging from small remote sites to global VSAT networks. Organisations benefit from a single contract with single SLA and single pricing structure - and only one contact if issues arise.


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