Selecting the correct network infrastructure has become one of the most important aspects of effective video surveillance – especially in remote locations. The latest generation of IP-based surveillance equipment place the focus on network capabilities. A remote network infrastructure – combining wireless and VSAT satellite connectivity - offers huge time, cost, performance and reliability benefits when protecting remote communities and assets.

CCTV video surveillance network

Multi-Site Security

Remote Asset Protection

Perimeter security & Access Control

Traffic Management

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Key Benefits

  • Surveillance as a Service

    Remove the need for a proprietary surveillance network. Enable surveillance as a service on the same infrastructure that carries all voice and data communications.

  • Scalable network infrastructure

    Quickly and cost-effectively extend the network one camera at a time. New cameras can be installed and operational in a matter of hours.

  • Intelligent Layer 3 architecture

    Employ a Layer 3 network architecture to intelligently manage traffic management, latency and bandwidth allocation – to an individual user level.

  • Rapid deploy networks

    Rapidly deploy and re-deploy network equipment to deliver temporary surveillance as well as reduce the total cost of ownership of the network.

  • Low-cost satellite backhaul

    High speed, low-cost satellite backhaul for global connectivity and remote management anywhere in the world.

Key Capabilities

•  Network equipment optimised for video traffic – including H.264 and MPEG4.
•  Self-healing networks with virtually no latency or interference.
•  Less network equipment required to cover extended geographical areas.
•  Multi-radio wireless equipment to create effective and secure multi-service networks.
•  Advance traffic management enabling dynamic QoS-driven bandwidth allocation to an individual service, user group or user level.
•  Satellite, wireless, microwave and end-to-end network capabilities.
•  A privately owned communications hub infrastructure.

IP-based video surveillance network diagram