Rural communities are inherently the most difficult of deployments for any communications infrastructure provider. The remoteness of the deployment, scarcity of power and harshness of terrain deter many telecom providers. At Datasat, we help you meet this challenge.


Rural Broadband

Reliable Voice Calls

Content Delivery, Health & eLearning

Remote Construction Sites

Key Benefits

  • Datasat Communications

    High speed broadband connectivity delivered quickly and cost-effectively to homes and business. Find out more

  • Datasat Communications

    Wider outdoor coverage requiring less wireless equipment than standard Wi-Fi infrastructure to maximise investment and lower cost. Find out more

  • Datasat Communications

    Enable home, business, emergency and education connectivity to operates seamlessly and securely over a single network infrastructure. Find out more

  • Datasat Communications

    Remote network management ensures rural communities don't need to train or retain on-site network professionals. Find out more

Key Capabilities

•  Robust and reliable network infrastructure requiring fewer WiFi devices to achieve extended coverage and performance.

•  Satellite, wireless, and end-to-end network capabilities.

•  Partner relationship with national and international carriers to ensure effective Point of Presence to fibre backbone where available.

•  Full network design, build, management and maintenance capabilities.

•  Innovative mVoiP solution provides 4G coverage in areas with poor or no mobile signal.

•  Intelligent wireless devices to guarantee bandwidth at an individual home, business or, even, user.


“I have seen the Yurok and Karuk tribal council members partner together to accomplish a single goal, to bring Broadband to our aboriginal territories. It is a beautiful thing to see our sister tribes pull together and achieve such a critical piece of economic structure. Datasat has been crucial in making all this possible.”

Forest James, CEO, EnerTribe