Datasat Communications is a leading service provider within mining communications. Specialising in delivering satellite and wireless communications solutions for terrestrial mine operators, the company provides robust and reliable network infrastructures for critical mine data, voice connectivity and corporate networking to mining properties in the world's most remote locations. The company designs and delivers the optimum mix of communications technologies for efficient production, safety, security and remote connectivity.


Mine Exploration

Health & Safety

Surveillance, Security & Access Control

Mining Automation

Corporate Networking

Key Benefits

  • Datasat Communications

    Complete remote communications solution from a single supplier – with a single contract, single SLA and single pricing structure. Find out more

  • Datasat Communications

    Best-of-breed network infrastructure based on the correct blend of communications technologies. Find out more

  • Datasat Communications

    Intelligence placed at the network edge to facilitate the latest generation of productivity and mine automation applications. Find out more

  • Datasat Communications

    Complete range of communications infrastructure solutions for every phase of remote mine operations. Find out More

  • Datasat Communications

    Datasat wireless equipment includes innovative IP Layer 3 architecture to reduce cost and equipment requirements while increasing reliability and network performance.  Find out more

Key Capabilities

•    Low cost, high availability networking.
•    Robust and reliable network installation and deployment.
•    A privately owned communications hub infrastructure.
•    Specifically designed outdoor wireless equipment.
•    Networks for voice, data, audio/video and mining data and telemetry.
•    Satellite, wireless, microwave and hybrid network capabilities.
•    Mobile units installed and operational in minutes to facilitate exploration activities.
•    Full network design, build, management and maintenance capabilities.


A complete remote network within 6 weeks

Datasat was commissioned by a major mine owner in West Africa to deliver a complete remote communications infrastructure. The network had to accommodate high speed access to the company's ERP system. From placement of the initial order, the complete infrastructure was delivered and operational within six weeks.